Watch Us Grow

PARCC testing is finally over! Although I don’t have to worry about all that in second grade, it was still killing my creative vibes since we couldn’t display anything in the hallways all month long. Thank goodness that’s done with (at least until May).

For our spring hallway display, I had the kids turn themselves into a garden! They’re learning how to measure with inch rulers in math and they are all obsessed with measuring anything and everything they can get their hands on. It’s pretty awesome. So, I had them measure one another with the inch rulers they made themselves (with color tiles representing about one inch) and then they wrote down their height on a post it. After both partners had been measured, they can to see me and I confirmed (or challenged) their measurements with the yard stick. It was so much fun and really great to see them get so excited about this activity!!

They then drew a self portrait to accompany their string bodies and we turned our display into a garden of growing second graders. We’ve gotten so many compliments!!

Check out our display below. Happy spring!


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